Finally, on to the fun stuff

After a week of opening up camp, soldering water pipes, hauling gear up river, putting boats in the water, soldering more water pipes, mounting motors, and soldering even more water pipes, we have finally gotten down to some sampling in the last few days!  Today, the wind relented enough to allow us to get out on Chignik Lake and haul some beach seines.


(Oh, and it was sunny again.  Five days in a row now.)

We collect these samples regularly throughout the summer and they have been collected since the late 1950’s.  This long-term data set allows us to examine trends in abundance, size and condition of the fishes inhabiting the watershed.  Our research has particularly been focused on the size and condition of juvenile sockeye salmon, an economically, ecologically, and culturally valuable species in the region.

It feels good to be getting out and sampling again!


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  1. Looking forward to your updates. Enjoy communing with nature. I hope there’s a place nearby where you can find your favorite hair gel and get your delicate hands manicured.

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