Back for more!

Well, it’s June again, and like the salmon I have returned to my field home at Chignik Lake.  This is my second year at the Alaska Salmon Program field station, which has been here since the late 1950s.  This year we are undertaking a number of interesting projects, including continuing our examination of the within-population diversity of juvenile behavioral strategies employed by sockeye salmon, investigating how coho salmon change their diets in response to sockeye salmon fry density, and working with colleagues at UW to extend a really cool study they recently published demonstrating Dolly Varden increase their gut capacity to take advantage of the pulse of sockeye salmon eggs that are available for a short period each summer.  Be sure to check the blog for updates on what we are up to as the summer progresses.


One thought on “Back for more!

  1. Like the picture of the bear climbing out of the warer. Reminds me of an old nickname I used to have, Bearbutt.

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